The Greatest Love of All

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Diezel Dog Digging a Holeby We are very fond of dogs. We think a lot of them. We love them. At RWF Talking Software there is always a dog lying with his head inside the office and his body outside. The office, you see, is off limits to Diezel, our beautiful Belgian Shepherd Dog. But it doesn’t stop him from coming in whenever he thinks something interesting is happening. Indeed, as I write this he is outside the door lying upside down with his hind legs splayed apart frog style and his front legs folded over his chest. He’s showing a little teeth, but only because gravity has pulled back his slobbering mouth to reveal them.

We couldn’t imagine life without our Diezel and we are in awe of such trained and fantastic animals as turned out by the likes of Guide Dogs for the Blind.. I think a lot of our awe stems from the fact that our beloved Diezel is a wild young man. We’re working especially hard with him, to keep him on the straight and narrow, but we are a little bit too lenient with him. We know it.

Before Diezel my wife and I had Laddie, another Belgian Shepherd or “Groenendael” sheepdog. Laddie was the best friend that either of us ever knew. You can read about him on his web site here: Our Beautiful Laddie. Laddie passed away on the 11th June 2004. His ashes are still in our lounge, packaged as they were when we received them back form our locally veterinary surgeon. We mean to get a nice container to keep them in, as it would never seem right to take his ashes anywhere. He belongs with his family, as he was always with his family.

Laddie and his DadIts been over a year now since we said goodbye to Laddie. It still hurts to remember him. Sometimes its nice to think of the fine life he had the the love we shared as a family. But its still terribly difficult. Recently I bought a new dog tag for Diezel. I couldn’t bring myself not to buy one for our Laddie too. My wife still writes his name in my birthday and Christmas cards. It still breaks my heart when my baby son says “Deez” when he says a photo of Laddie as he can’t remember him.

We’re not too strict on Diezel. We were never strict on Laddie. When Laddie’s condition became known to us we decided to enjoy him as much as we could and to be lenient with him. I think it made him a better dog. We’re following the same route with Diezel. And although Deez is a little unruly, he’s a good boy. He’ll come back 9 times out of 10 when he’s called and he’s great with other dogs. He likes to play and he likes to run.

I titled this article “The Greatest Love of All’’ because I really believe it to be true, and especially for my wife. You see, before I came along Bernadette was frightened of dogs and would never have considered a dog anything more than a scary animal. She’ll often tell me even now that one of the greatest things I gave her was the love of a dog. After all, what better gift is there than a love that doesn’t know any limit?

All the dog owners will understand.

If you want to find out more about Guide Dogs for the Blind you can visit their web site at Its really nicely laid out and the accessibility mode is great. Also, if you’ve got a Guide Dog we’d love to hear your stories so we can publish them on our site. We’ll give away a free copy of any one of our software products for every story we publish.


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